IceKredit Successfully Hosted WAIC2022 "AI Assembles Cohesion for Financial Digitalization"

On the afternoon of September 2, the WAIC2022 "AI Assembles Cohesion for Financial Digitalization" was successfully held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Guided by the WAIC Organizing Committee Office, the Forum is co-sponsored by Shanghai International Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai IceKredit Information Technology Co., Ltd., undertaken by Shanghai Guoxin Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and supported by Shanghai Fintech Industry Union.


The forum invited academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, experts of research institutions, leading figures in the scientific and technological circles, banking, insurance industry and other financial circles to jointly explore the path to collaborate artificial intelligence and the financial industry, crack financial business management and operational risks, and look forward to new ideas and trends in the development of financial technology. Zhuang Mudi, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Ge Ping, Deputy Director of Shanghai Local Financial Supervision Administration, Liu Xinyi, President of Shanghai International Group and other officials attended the forum.

Zhuang Mudi expressed warm congratulations on the holding of the Forum on behalf of the Shanghai Municipal People's government. He pointed out that at present, artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming an important force in promoting the development of financial technology. In recent years, in the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center, Shanghai has always paid attention to giving play to the advantages of AI technology, promoting the digital transformation and innovative development of finance, and achieved positive results in accelerating the clustering of financial technology enterprises, deepening the application of inclusive finance, and constantly improving the level of regulatory services. Looking to the future, Shanghai will continue to give play to its linkage advantages as an international financial center and a global science and technology innovation center, constantly deepen its financial digital transformation, strive to build top innovative technologies in the industry, open up innovative paths combining industry, technology and finance, and create an inclusive and prudent regulatory environment.


In the keynote speech of the forum, Xie Minqi, Vice President of IceKredit, explained in detail how AI helps the digital transformation of banks and breaks the situation of small and micro finance in the post-epidemic era. He said that digital transformation is imperative as digitalization rises to an important strategic means to promote the country's social and economic development and the accelerated application of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, block chain, 5G and other digital technologies. There are some problems in the transformation of domestic banking industry, such as unclear strategic planning, weak big data support capacity, talent shortage, and lack of financial service scenarios. Federated learning, natural language processing, mapping knowledge domain and other advanced AI technologies will help banks achieve digital transformation. However, the leading technology lies not only in the algorithm, but also in the understanding of the services, which is to put the technology into the corresponding business scenarios. In the post-epidemic era, banks are constantly exploring supply chain finance, technology loan, scenario loan and other applications to find a way to break the situation for small and micro enterprise finance. Technology companies represented by IceKredit are also developing corresponding models and solutions based on AI technology, playing an active and important role in the development of small and micro finance and the digital transformation of banks.