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The overall personal risk control solution of IceKredit covers the whole process of risk control services including guest analysis, anti-fraud, pre-loan application, in-loan detection, and post-loan management, and solves the diversified needs of financial institutions for personal risk control under different business scenarios.

Case: Risk management project for retail digital lending in an oversea bank

Aiming at the newly launched online loan service of a bank, this project designed and constructed the whole process solution from pre-loan to post-loan, supported the smooth development of intra-bank housing mortgage, car loan and personal credit loan, and provided a fully automated solution including rule policies and models. The project ultimately enabled the bank to significantly improve its digital and intelligent capabilities, enhanced its local competitiveness, and helped its business grow at a rapid pace.

To Business


The enterprise risk control solution of IceKredit covers the whole-process services including application form, risk identification, client access, quota pricing, post loan monitoring, and solves the problems of financial institutions in different scenarios such as manufacturing supply chain and online e-commerce.

Case: Cross-border e-commerce loan model project of a bank

Through the data management inside and outside the bank, including the data analysis of the bank's corporate accounts, personal accounts and external e-commerce operating accounts, the project designs relevant user portraits, access rules, risk control model policies and in-loan monitoring policies, realizes the analysis of repayment ability and risk status of the borrower, and provides credit and financial services for small and micro enterprises on the e-commerce platform to help them solve the problems such as shortage of funds and untimely inventory turnover in cross-border trade on the platform.

To Enterprise


The supply chain financial solution of IceKredit is mainly for core enterprises or industrial platforms in the supply chain. According to the transaction scenarios of its upstream and downstream customers, the solution identifies and manages the potential risks in the whole supply chain process with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain and other scientific and technological means around the data information of business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow of the whole business link.

Case: Whole risk control process model of a bank's tobacco industry supply chain

The project mainly provides corresponding financial services for the upstream and downstream customers of the core enterprise of a group based on the characteristics and business scenarios of its upstream tobacco growers and downstream tobacconist in the industrial chain. By sorting out the transaction structure of the tobacco industry and combining the characteristics of the industry, IceKredit assists the bank in designing a number of financial products. At the same time, IceKredit built a set of characteristic risk control model suitable for the tobacco industry based on the authorization data of the bank and core enterprise, which effectively helped a bank improve the efficiency of risk control approval and reduce financing risks.

To Insurance


IceKredit empowers the insurance industry with advanced artificial intelligence technology, helps the insurance industry improve convenience, intelligence and service experience, and facilitate the digital transformation of the insurance industry.

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