Product List

Risk Control Engine

Intelligent Risk Control Decision-making System

Industry knowledge base

leading experience and AI model

Risk Control Engine

Intelligent Risk Control Decision-making System

Intelligent Whole Process Risk Decision-making System

Relying on the powerful intelligent decision-making and analysis modeling system, the whole link decision-making and optimization can be realized from data aggregation, index integration, decision allocation, model deployment, analysis and monitoring to decision tuning.

Decision Engine

Data Index Management Platform

Credit Index Management Platform

Industry knowledge base

leading experience and AI model

Industry standard knowledge base

Based on long-term intensive work in the field of risk control, we have accumulated a wealth of standard indexes, rules and model bases for rapid deployment and application of business.

World Wide Web Index

Rule Policy

AI Model

Core Advantages

Accurate access to risk control scenarios

Covering various scenarios of credit risk control for individuals and small, medium and micro enterprises, and supporting joint modeling and operation

Life cycle management

Covering the life cycle management of credit risk control before, during and after loan

Integrated solution

Lightweight and rapid deployment, low coupling, high compatibility, strong usability and scalability

Industry knowledge base

100,000+ indicators, rule policiess and AI model experience precipitation

Risk control data mid-end

The aggregation, derivation and management of large-scale multi-source heterogeneous data provide stable standard data support for business application

Core product


Integrated solution for the life cycle management of risk for individuals and small and micro enterprises

Allocation layer

Model algorithm library
Intelligent marketing
Intelligent risk identification
Pre-loan approval
Post-loan management

Risk control engine

Rule base
Decision engine
Analysis engine
Model engine
Graph computing engine
Visual graph application platform

Data mid-end

Index database
Data service platform
Data governance platform
Mapping knowledge domain database

Data acquisition

Internal data
External data

Application scenarios

Marketing and risk control overall solution

Joint modeling

Joint operation

Federated learning

Risk management consulting